I’m a freelance communication consultant currently living in Milan. 
Born and raised in Arezzo, Tuscany, I moved to Florence to attend my bachelor degree in Industrial Design at the University of Florence. Afterwards I’ve been living in London for 5 months working as an intern in a Social Enterprise company. Living in London has been a comfort cracking/mind opening/life changing experience which I’m grateful to had the chance to live.
Then I moved to Milan for my Master of Arts degree in Visual Communication at Politecnico di Milano. In the while I’ve been working for a year as a Visual Designer at La Fabbrica, an agency developing educational projects where I had the chance to work with international brands (such as Enel, Fastweb, Bionike, TIM, Samsung and others).
I’ve had also the chance of lecturing at the University of Florence for the exchange students of the Tongji University Shanghai during the spring semester 2015 with the course “Visual Design or the unexpected virtue of communication”.
Design has always been my passion, especially with regard to how to communicate values and aims through lines, colors, moods.

I consider myself a very friendly, easy going though reliable person. A positive approach to challenges is what makes me motivated.
Curiosity is my prerogative. If there’s something to learn, I’m in first line.
Working in team is something I love to do. I deeply believe that mashing up several minds is the biggest trigger of creativity and what helps a project being developed in the most complete way possible.
On last base, I have a detail-oriented way of working and I like to deliver outputs I’m proud of.
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